Spain: Rajoy turns down offer to form new government

Spain: Rajoy turns down offer to form new government

"If the PSOE wants it, there can be a government of change", Iglesias said.

In 1998, the then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair took a call from an impressionist pretending to be opposition leader William Hague.

Sanchez, who opposes the "grand coalition" of center-left and center-right parties proposed by Rajoy, has already said he was in favor of reaching an agreement with Podemos and other smaller groups to obtain a majority of "progressive forces". "The [outcome] that would best match the will of the majority would be a government with broad support [from parties]".

Rajoy criticized the position of Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez, who refused several times to form a wide coalition with the PP and Ciudadanos, which would add up to 253 seats.

Rajoy said a coalition of this sort would provide the country with the political stability required to continue Madrid's economic recovery plan.

The fake Puigdemont then asked him if they could meet, which Rajoy agreed to readily, depending on how negotiations to form a government were going.

A presenter on Radio Flaixbak contacted Mr Rajoy's office, pretending to work for Carles Puigdemont.

Spain's general elections on December 20 last year resulted in a fragmented parliament.

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"That was our view (before) and it is still our view", Rajoy said in a televised address from a party meeting in Cordoba.

The former university basketball player has cultivated a down-to-earth image in his bid to turn around his party's flagging fortunes before the elections. The Socialists and Podemos finished behind the PP in the election, and their alliance may face accusations that it lacks legitimacy as a government of the losers.

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias announced on Friday after meeting Felipe VI that he was willing to form a government with the Socialists party PSOE, and the United Left party known as the IU.

Parliament had lost the trust of Spaniards, Castanon told Reuters, and Podemos would restore it by eliminating the privileges politicians had enjoyed, such as official cars, generous tax allowances and special pension schemes. The opposite is true.

Unable to believe his luck, a Puigdemont imitator at the radio station found himself on the phone minutes later with the prime minister, and a surprisingly cordial conversation began.

Hundreds of politicians across Spain are under investigation for embezzling public funds, including the PP's ex-treasurer.

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