Matt Damon says Hollywood must do more to support diversity

Matt Damon says Hollywood must do more to support diversity

Damon, co-founder of, a nonprofit organization he co-founded to provide safe water and sanitation, joins others that have called on the governor to step down, including Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and filmmaker Michael Moore.

Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs announced the changes following a backlash over the lack of diversity in this year's Oscar nominations.

The actor was at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah on Saturday, highlighting the desperate need for clean water in impoverished regions around the world.

"Listen, everybody's entitled to a fair trial in the United States of America, but that man should get one".

Yet, as the difference between celluloid and digital become ever more impossible to distinguish, and advances to combat light loss on 3D is making considerable headway, the reality is that technology is consigning said 'purists' to the past; casting them as bizarre, contrary and anachronistic figures battling pig-headedly through sentimentality for no real purpose other than quaint nostalgia.

"So what we really need is people in positions to greenlight those stories, not a hunk of metal".

Damon may visit the country in February or March, according to ASA Philippines.

"Marginalised artists have advocated for Academy change for DECADES", she continued, claiming their calls had been met with "deaf ears [and] closed minds". "Through the water and sanitation financing program, there is huge potential to impact the health, safety and productivity of families across the Philippines", said's director of International Programs Richard Thorsten.

The latest push for more diversity in Hollywood from Damon, who is up for a best actor Academy Award for his role in The Martian, signals a different tone from the stance he appeared to take in September of 2015.

Also on Friday, Charlotte Rampling, nominated for an Oscar in the best actress category for her role in 45 Years, said her comments were misinterpreted when she told a French radio station she believed the #OscarsSoWhite campaign was "racist to white people."

Rock, said producer Reginald Hudlin, was hard at work rewriting material for next month's show to reflect the fact that "things [had] got a little provocative".

"I'm a voting Oscar member [and] I nominated Idris Elba for [his] great performance in Beasts [of No Nation]", she told her followers on Saturday. The micro-loans must be used for water connections, pumps, tanks or filters; or for the construction or improvement of toilets.

Another measure will see the Academy add three new seats to its board of governors, with the hope that these additions will help diversity the leadership of the organization.

"You can't say that I am only concerned about my own backyard".

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