Trump, GOP leaders realizing they may need each other

A source told the news outlet that Brock is "leaning on" American Bridge to "step up delivery" of a Trump opposition research book and is "upping the group's budget". Cruz is dreaming of a face-off with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clin... At his campaign events, Trump points to the press section and calls reporters "dishonest" and "treacherous".

"He's what's wrong with it".

For Cruz, Clinton's biggest Democratic rival, Vermont Sen.

A decision is expected within a couple of months. Cruz wants to take on Clinton - and he paints a picture for what a Cruz-Clinton contest would look like whenever he speaks with voters.

In an interview with Newsmax's Ronald Kessler after Romney's loss, Trump said the former Massachusetts governor "lost all of the Latino vote" and he said that although Democrats didn't have much of an immigration policy, "they weren't mean-spirited about it".

Having already been endorsed by four senators, Rubio's campaign says it's preparing to unveil a series of endorsements from high-profile elected officials in the coming weeks, part of an effort to push more mainstream Republicans to coalesce behind his candidacy.

"How do we win?"

Among some seasoned Republicans, the animus towards Cruz is so strong that a schadenfreudian hope has begun to emerge.

So Trump has said his 2012 tweet was a joke.

Another establishment figure and Republican strategist, Craig Shirley, told the Huffington Post: "Ultimately, the Washington establishment deep down - although they find Trump tacky or distasteful - they think that they ultimately can work with him".

Bloomberg, 73, has already taken concrete steps toward a possible campaign, and has indicated to friends and allies that he would be willing to spend at least $1 billion of his fortune on it, according to people briefed on his deliberations who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss his plans. But Trump wouldn't? "Concerns" about him do not stem from conventional political controversy - say, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's handling of "Bridgegate". For liberal and moderate Republicans, he is much the more worrying of the two men. Cruz did all he could as long as possible to accommodate Trump, but now that the fight between them is out in the open, the differences are particularly stark.

I have spent the last few days basking in the return of Sarah Palin to the national political stage, courtesy of her Donald Trump endorsement in Iowa on Tuesday. "If he got nominated he'd be scared to death", explained Charles Black, a former GOP operative, to the Times.

On Jan. 29, 2014, Trump tweeted: "Snowing in Texas and Louisiana, record setting freezing temperatures throughout the country and beyond". We're ready, most of us, for a change. And to an extent, that's true.

But the establishment need not surrender before the battle has really even begun.

Hating Cruz has become something of a social media trend, complete with its own stars, like Craig Mazin, a Hollywood scriptwriter who as a college student shared a room with the future senator. He stayed to shake hands with hundreds, which slowed the exit flow and allowed aides to sign up supporters and volunteers. "I'm not so sure we'd lose if he's our nominee because he's appealing to people who a lot of the Republican candidates have not appealed to in the past".

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