Trump: My supporters would stick with me through shooting

The businessman, whose Trump Tower stands on the major Manhattan thoroughfare, cracked the joke Saturday to a receptive audience at the Christian college.

I have watched Stephen Colbert mock her disjointed syntax. He denies that he ever supported a way to let immigrants here illegally stay on and is now, like Trump, calling for a wall on the southern border. I guess we'll have to just wait and see. For example, Trump scored 38.4 percent among marrieds, 39 percent among people with an income of $50,000 to $70,000, 37 percent among people who earn above $150,000, and 36 percent among people older than 60. Amy Kremer, the former chairman of the Tea Party Express organization, announced plans this week to launch a super PAC backing Trump's candidacy. Ted Cruz trails in second with 20%.

Palin's endorsement of front-runner Donald Trump at an Iowa rally last week was a master class in surrealist poetry. Whereas Ted Cruz might legitimately be a sociopath.

"It's not somebody who's got a lot of strip clubs and casinos". No less a liberal deity than Alan Dershowitz described the Cuban- American as "brilliant" when teaching him at Harvard.

That party's establishment will tear out their hair if Trump wins, but they may retire collectively to the conservatory with bottle of gin and pearl-handled revolver if Cruz takes the nomination. The public already knows him. Or her description of internecine Middle Eastern conflicts as "squirmishes". Jeb is a more respectable fourth - and in double digits! - in South Carolina, but if he can't over-perform expectations in one of the first two states, the pressure for him to end his campaign to help consolidate behind an establishment pick (likely Rubio) will be immense.

The latest Reuters-Ipsos tracking poll had Trump pulling in 40.6 percent support of Republican voters nationally. It's whether Iowa deserves to be the first state to caucus voters in presidential elections. On Friday, Trump took the war to the airwaves with a television ad on local networks accusing Cruz of having supported efforts to see undocumented migrants obtain legal status.

Cruz was elected to the Senate in 2012 - doubtless with an eye on the White House - and quickly made his name in the Tea Party movement not by attacking Democrats, but by attacking his own colleagues as political hacks serving vested interests.

"That speech offended me", Robinson said. "Every time we do that, we lose". "He could be Canadian Prime Minister", Trump said.

When asked about the alleged beating, Trump said that his followers are "very passionate." .

Iowa party officials were furious.

"He's what's wrong with it". Grassley did not endorse Trump but repeated Trump's signature phrase, saying Republicans have a chance to "make America great again". Like Trump, she is an opportunist.

Trump himself has been a fixture of the New York donor class for decades and already has deep relationships with many establishment players.

But throughout his campaign, Trump has often been criticized for his words and actions toward black Americans. My dream is a Trump/Palin ticket.

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