$429 million in overdue payments sent to Illinois schools

Illinois Teens Can Now Be Organ Donors

The Senate is scheduled to take up Rauner's override on Sunday, and the House is slated to do so as early as next Wednesday.

"What I can tell you is that any local solution will not come at the expense of the city's long-term financial stability", he said, adding that the mayor promises CPS students will have a full school year.

"I'm getting negative feedback from superintendents and the business community on the TIF portion, and I'm also hesitant on the student ratio part of this", McCombie said.

As a taxpayer, I want to judge the value of each argument myself, without relying on the media.

Schools in Madison and St. Clair counties will see an additional $18 million in the first year of the new formula, Rep. Jay Hoffman, D-Belleville, said. It got 60 votes in the House, 11 short of the three-fifths majority necessary to reverse a veto.

Governor Bruce Rauner's use of a veto this month to rewrite a funding formula bill stopped the twice-monthly August-to-June flow of state aid to schools totaling $6.7 billion in fiscal 2018.

The General Assembly now has a responsibility to act in that same spirit.

The $5.7 billion spending plan for the fiscal year that began July 1 includes $300 million the state of Illinois would send the district under education funding legislation. He predicted an override vote.

Although a representative of the Champaign school district was at Thursday's news conference at Urbana High School, no one from Champaign offered any remarks. The House needs four Republicans to join every Democrat in order to override Rauner's veto; Hoffman said he didn't know whether there are enough votes.

"The governor's veto shuts off the spigot" to schools, said Sen. Communities that hide property tax wealth from the mechanisms of education funding should be compelled to step up and contribute. Ehren Jarrett, believes the original Senate Bill would have done a better job of providing equitable funding.

A non-partisan website called Politifact ruled that the governor's claim of it being a Chicago bailout is false because the bill does away with block grants and only gives Chicago schools what it gives every other district when it comes to pensions.

"What Rauner is proposing damages school districts across this state". "They will provide some relief, but this does not solve the current K-12 funding crisis the Governor's veto of Senate Bill 1 has created".

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