Android O rumored for August 21st release

Google To Launch Android O

The double-tap to zoom feature is a simple gesture that will zoom the camera to 50%, and then zoom it all the way out again, when you double-tap on the display.

In addition to the double tap to zoom feature, the camera app is also adding another feature which should be useful to users - the ability to switch between the photo and video modes using a dedicated button.

Firstly, Android Things is now based on Android O, with apps now able to target API level 26.

There are several new features in Android O. One is picture in picture, which will let you watch a video in a small window on your smartphone while you perform other tasks. Google has now released Developer Preview 5, with plenty of major changes and new features.

Android O will replace the existing Android Nougat or Android 7.

On that hardware front, the latest developer preview supports the new NXP SprIoT i.MX6UL design, while the discontinued Intel Edison and Joule hardware designs are moving to legacy support. First off, you can still use the initial method of swiping to move between the picture and video capture functions, but Google has also now added in a button next to the shutter button for video capture, so swiping won't be necessary if it will be easier for you to simply tap a button to enable video recording. However, this update will require explicit developer approval before it gets pushed.

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