Google updates the camera app with Selfie flash feature

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  Android  by Karthik Iyer 17 mins ago0

Also, the update would be available in selected regions. Pair great hardware with a barely usable camera app and you're phone is sure to get ignored.

The "Google Camera" application named has been updated to feature a selfie flash which is usually missing from the front cameras of most smartphones.

Selfies may be an important facet of modern smartphone use, but not all phones were made to cater to the selfie-loving crowd. So this is not your conventional flash but it can help. Although, the feature doesn't offer automatic white-balancing like the iPhone's camera, but it's still a good option to brighten up your selfie.

The new feature produces extra light for better pictures in low-light condition. Now, when you go to take a photo with your front-facing camera, the phone's screen will fill with a bright manilla color to shine some light on your face.

The new update also brings few more shortcut gestures, such as double tap to zoom, swipe to toggle between taking photos and shooting videos. Double tap to automatically zoom in and back out.

The double tap to zoom features is coming to the Google Camera via a new update which should already be rolling out to users of the app. If you have a device which uses the Google Camera then you should be seeing the update live in the Play Store, and if it isn't showing up just yet it should be soon as it seems the update started hitting devices yesterday. The usual security disclaimers apply.

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