Suspend military action on Rohingyas: UN chief to Myanmar

Smoke is seen on Myanmar's side of border as an exhausted Rohingya refugee woman is carried to the shore after crossing the Bangladesh Myanmar border by boat through the Bay of Bengal in Shah Porir Dwip Bangladesh

The Advisory Commission recommended that the Myanmar Government take concrete steps to end the enforced segregation of Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims; ensure full and unfettered humanitarian access throughout the state; tackle Rohingya statelessness and "revisit" the 1982 Citizenship Law; hold perpetrators of human rights violations accountable; and end restrictions on freedom of movement, among other recommendations.

"The savage treatment meted out to our Muslim brothers ... shall not pass without punishment", the jihadist terror network said in a statement, according to SITE.

They are thought to have their origins in what is now Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal, but many have been present in Myanmar for centuries.

In a scathing new report released Thursday, the humanitarian group said Myanmar's security forces have engaged in an "orchestrated campaign of systematic burnings" of Rohingya villages across northern Rakhine State for almost three weeks.

The government in Myanmar refuses to recognize the Rohingya as citizens, claiming that they are Bangladeshi or Bengali.

In the Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, fierce clashes between security forces and Rohingya militants left hundreds dead and entire villages torched to the ground.

For the proper and equal distribution of aid items to the refugees the Cox's Bazar deputy commissioner's (DC) has already opened a control centre to receive donations and relief items.

Antonio Guterres said the Rohingyas faced a "catastrophic" humanitarian crisis after the violence in the majority-Buddist country, describing the situation as ethnic cleansing.

Meanwhile, four C-130 cargo planes took off on Wednesday from Jakarta's Halim Perdanakusuma Airforce Base to deliver 34 tons of rice, ready-to-eat food, water tanks, refugee tents, children's clothing and blankets to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, Indonesian government officials said.

Having had such a long history in Myanmar, the ethnicity of the Rohingya is more complex than the government makes out.

The report describes a targeted campaign to push out the Rohingya.

"Hopefully, they will message their headquarters that repatriation of Rohingya is the only solution", Alam said.

During the tour hosted by Bangladesh's government, the group of international visitors saw thousands of people living in squalid conditions in makeshift shelters.

ISCI discovered a leaked document apparently adopted by the Myanmar regime in 1988 which reveals the country's State Peace and Development Council's commitment to eliminating the Rohingya from Myanmar.

Many live in Rakhine in impoverished camps, and others spend periods in internally displaced people's settlements in other states after fleeing violence.

Now that the UN human rights chief has termed the situation "a textbook case of ethnic cleansing" the demand for more actions can be heard louder.

Initially, the army will be responsible for taking the aid to Cox's Bazar.

There were at least a million members of the Rohingya ethnic group living in Myanmar, most of them Muslim, though some are Hindu.

Ms Suu Kyi was due to attend the UN General Assembly in New York next week, but has cancelled her visit to deal with the crisis.

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