There's no need to spend $999 for a good phone these days

Samsung hopes to launch foldable phone in 2018

When Samsung has Galaxy 8 and Note 8 in their box an iPhone 7S or 7S Plus wouldn't be equivalent.

We stood in front of a human paid to help us while staring down at the phone and trying to access our tickets, all while the bleacher seats filled.

Even without cellular service, you old phone will be able to get on Wi-Fi, so you can use it to stream music, post on Facebook or do pretty much anything else you want provided you are in Wi-Fi range.

The iPhone X, you could argue, is overkill - just look at its leaked benchmarks in the tweet below, which shows it performing better than a MacBook Pro on paper using GeekBench stats. It's an appreciated expansion on the iPhone X that the iPhone 8 Plus doesn't have. Hands aren't getting bigger, and neither are pockets. A "refurbished" 32GB that looks like it's never been used will cost you $10 less. At $699, the Essential phone is also about $300 cheaper than the $999 iPhone X, while also providing 128GB of storage space - that's more than the entry level iPhone X, which includes 64GB. It kind of reminds me of the positioning of the original MacBook Air, or the new MacBook, when those two devices were first introduced - tomorrow's tech, available today, but for a bit more money and with a few trade-offs as a result of being ahead of its time. Blancco also discovered that iPhone owners are increasingly turning on the Find My iPhone Activation Lock feature, which suggests they're thinking seriously about data protection and not allowing certain apps to run on their devices.

"As the head of the business, I can say our current goal is next year", he told reporters. Indeed, it's a phablet, and bigger in every dimension. For ten years, they've basically relaunched the same product, year after year, with the price gradually creeping upwards - and the entire world has tuned in and cheered loyally.

The phone also has top-of-the-line technology with dual 12-megapixel cameras on board, along with charging capabilities and Face ID - Apple's take on facial recognition technology. It's sort of like a cross between Boxing Day and The Budget.

At this point, the only thing that might stop you is biology. In the future, most smartphones will probably sport some form of gesture-based control, AR and facial recognition.

It would have been a best-seller, and no one would've wanted to trade up next year.

It's raining smartphones this week and we have some of the best handsets now available in the market.

Apple has also ditched the 128GB version with the only other model of the iPhone 8 featuring 256GB of in-built memory. Even cheap Androids now ape the 'all-screen' look, and I'm not sure it's worth nearly £1,000 to get a screen with round corners. However, this technology has been at the forefront since two years starting from Sharp Aquos. Tango is an augmented reality platform created by Google which enables devices to be aware of their relative position with their surroundings. In a sense, this is good news for Apple which enjoys a better reputation as a more sustainable gadget.

The iPhone 9 is missing. But the problem is that you have to trade in an eligible device to get there.

On the front, there is a massive 6.3 inch 1,440x2,960 QHD+ display with a pixel density of 521 pixels per inch merges seamlessly into the phone's intimidating metallic frame. The X is, without doubt, the most attractive version of the iPhone since the iPhone 4, which came out way back in 2010.

"This partnership with Himax highlights the technology investments we are making with Taiwanese companies to continue leading in visual processing innovation", said Jim Cathey, SVP and President, APAC and India, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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