Watch this epic SpaceX rocket booster blooper reel go boom

Watch this epic SpaceX rocket booster blooper reel go boom

"Rocket is fine? It's just a scratch".

Musk teased the video's arrival last week: 'Putting together SpaceX rocket landing blooper reel.

Altogether, the video shows SpaceX's Falcon 9 failing to land more than 10 times, starting with an ill-fated launch in September 2013.

The video ends with scenes of the first successful booster touchdown at Cape Canaveral in 2015 and the first one on an ocean platform in 2016.

Amusingly, it's set to the tune of John Philip Sousa's "The Liberty Bell", best known to geeks as the theme music for Monty Python's Flying Circus.

"The course of true love never did run smooth", one caption reads.

Since the hard beginnings shown in the video, though, SpaceX has found success - pulling off 16 booster landings. The SpaceX blooper video includes captions for each of the failed attempts. SpaceX rocket failures have happened thanks to faulty sensors, running out of fuel or oxygen too early, bad valves, no hydraulic fluid, and even the collapse of one of its landing legs. "We messed up a lot before it finally worked, but there's some epic explosion footage ..."

In a tweet sent during the wee hours of the morning today, Musk reiterated his assertion that making the Falcon 9's upper stage (or second-stage) and fairing reusable would make launches 100 times cheaper.

While the video highlights the unsuccessful attempts, that's not to say that SpaceX hasn't made any successful landings.

But Musk just keeps plugging away, and on Thursday, he posted another testament to his renowned sticktoitiveness.

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