Zuckerberg sorry for 'tasteless' VR tour of Puerto Rico devastation — Facebook fail

Zuckerberg's insensitive VR joyride around Puerto Rico is disgusting to watch

Actually, it is too difficult to constitute the experiences through VR to a third party, and whatever Zuckerberg was seeing was all NPR's harrowing video. At one point, his avatar and Franklin's high five in front of a flooded street.

After a moment of reflection, the pair decided to "teleport" back to California and switch gears to promote the company's upcoming Oculus developer conference by showing a 360-degree video from the 2016 event. So when you do see these 3D objects on your regular PC, you can drag and move the object around with your regular mouse, no VR headset required.

You'll also be able to create interactive objects with Oculus Medium, a platform that works in much the same way as the AR technology we've already seen with Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore. The studio is composed of game industry veterans, serial entrepreneurs and thought leaders with a proven track record of widely acclaimed success spanning across mass market and AAA games, free-to-play games, hardware and more.

After reading some of the comments, Zuckerberg clarified his aim was to raise awareness.

"Because it's an attention-based, advertising-driven business, things that command attention are prized and more distributed than other things, and encouraged by Facebook to be distributed because they generate page views and page views generate platforms for advertising".

Mark Zuckerberg has apologized for showcasing Facebook's virtual reality capability with a tour of hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

This time, the Zuck appeared in a livestream promoting a Facebook VR tool as a cartoon version of himself in disaster-stricken Puerto Rico.

Obscured by cartoon Zuckerberg's cheery demeanor and mac-and-cheese hair is the harsh reality of the recovery effort on the island.

CNBC reporter Arjun Kharpal noted several Twitter users' disgust of the spectacle in an article titled "Critics blast Facebook's Zuckerberg for 'magical' virtual reality tour of Puerto Rico devastation". When you're in VR yourself, the surroundings feel quite real.

Others accused the CEO of exploiting the tragedy to publicize his products. Facebook split a donation of $1.5 million between the two entities. "It feels like we're really here in Puerto Rico where it's obviously a tough place to get to now".

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